Re: [gardeners] Re: Apricot thieves!

Ron Hay (
Sat, 24 Jun 2000 07:11:54 -0700

Good morning, Penny,

Thanks for the pear tree tale yesterday. My server was down, so that I
could receive but not respond to email.  Plants and animals have an
uncanny sense, one that it will take scientists years yet to fathom, of
who loves them or who can leave them alone.

We have only about 8 'cots ripening on the tree now; the rest are in a
bowl in our dining room, ripening beautifully, out of harm's way.

I think I will press our snake into service when the nectarines start to
mature. Funny thing how animals know when fruit is ripe!


penny x stamm wrote:

> Oh, Bonnie, that pear tree episode is burned in my memory ...
> I was so livid that I grabbed the youngster and tore down the street
> 3 houses to confront the boy's mother. When she answered the
> door, I blurted out my fury with a demand that she DO SOMETHING
> with her son -- and that is when I discovered that my quiet, sweet
> young neighbor was stone deaf.
> I guess there are always traumas bigger than one's own . . .
> Penny, NY
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