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> Anne, last night's heavy rain made a spectacle out of the big plant --
> the stems all collapsed in a circle around the stem, with those huge
> dark yellow flowers looking up at me like an innocent child...
> Remember, it sits alone at the empty end of the veggie garden, so
> there was nothing which could have helped support it.  I guess I'll
> have to take a photo, for it does look as if a light footed elephant
> had stepped on it!  The smaller plant remains erect and in bud.
> Still don't know where they came from...

I would love to see the photos when/if you get them.  Elephant  stomping,
even from light elephants sounds like fun.

You and Jimmie need to be careful out in the garden.  Though I do love your
stories.  I have been known to pass them on to relatives, especially that
one when you were caught in the bush.
Anne in FL
zone 9b, sunset 26

I'd rather be gardening