Re: [gardeners] Mildew (
Wed, 05 Jul 2000 10:17:17 -0600

I had been avoiding subbing to the gardens & gardening list because of the
high traffic, but finally did just in time to read someone's post that raw
milk is best.  I haed already bought  whole pasteurized milk (with vit d).
In two days it has reduced the mildew by about 50%.  The rest seems to be
stubborn but I'm keeping at it.  I'll check next time I'm at Fred Meyer to
see if they have raw milk.  Thanks, Margaret.

Buddleia update:  He has teeny little buds!  Guess he wasn't traumatized as
much as I thought.


>> >>Hi all,
>> >>
>> >>I bought a pulmonaria with mildew already on it, and it just keeps
>> >>worse.  Any organic remedies?
>> >>
>> >>Buddleia update:  He's great!  I took the sheet off him about a week ago,
>> >>and started watering only every 3 - 4 days.  It's been 90 degrees or so
>> >>here, and he hasn't even drooped in the hottest of it.  Thanks for your
>> >>help, everyone.
>> >>
>> >>Barb
>> >
>> >Herb Quarterly and Carol Wallace from Suite 101 say one part milk to nine
>> >parts water. Margaret Lauterbach
>I doubt it. By the time it's yogurt it's condensed. Margaret L
>>Hmmm, never heard of that one, but I'm on my way to buy a pint of milk.
>>Don't suppose yogurt will do ... ?