Re: [gardeners]Scoville Chart (
Wed Jul 05 17:48:38 2000

<<I just saw a tv food show where the chef talked about the hotness of peppers... there is actually a rating system of 'hotness'. A bell pepper is a zero, a jalapeno is rated at 10,000 of these units and a habanero is rated at 300,000 on this system! >>

This is the Scoville Chart!  We love the habanaros in small quanitites.  Chop them up and put into honey.  This is quite lovely.  Also chop them up and place in olive oil and drizzle over veggies.  Again not so hot just a great flavor!  They good chopped and kept in sherry as a great addition to seafood such as garlic and shrimp cooked in butter.