Re: [gardeners] rudbeckia

penny x stamm (
Thu, 6 Jul 2000 00:23:34 -0400

Anne, that was the same rhodie forest which took the dreadful
beating from the winter weather -- I actually filled 4  32-gal pails
with the debris which i had to cut off!  But let me tell you, I did NOT 
climb inside the tangle to reach the unreachable -- anything I
couldn't snatch and pull down for clipping I left alone. The plants
put on such extraordinary vegetative growth in an effort to stay
alive that now no one can see the damage!  It boggles the mind ...

Jimmie heard water running at 11:00pm tonite -- investigation
showed that I had left the underground soaker hoses on from
3:00pm in the rose bed. (They are not automated.)  Never happened
before -- and I hang my head in shame.  I do wonder what cause
and effect there will be...

Penny. NY

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