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Mary Anne,
I am not sure of all of the differences between Sunset 26 and 14/15.  I bet
it has more to do with when it rains and how much.  We are supposed to get
over 20 inches per year, mostly in the summer.  Our cold usually only lasts
a few weeks, and freezing weather only overnight.  For us to have freezing
temps for more than a few hours is pretty unusual.  When the sun comes up,
the temps jump 10 to 30 degrees.  Because of this our growing season is year
round.  That is if you can garden in the heat.  I usually take July and Aug
off from gardening just because it is to hot and humid to be outside.  This
summer is no exception, but I am trying to use the early mornings to at
least keep the weeds down.
Anne in FL
zone 9b, sunset 26

I'd rather be gardening
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> Anne,
> I noted you are in USDA Zone 9b and Sunset zone 26 in Florida.  I am in
USDA zone 9b as well in CA. and Sunset zone 14/15.  It is amazing how much
more accurate a guide the Sunset zones are.
> Mary-Anne