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Thu, 6 Jul 2000 08:43:46 -0400

There may be little damage unless you have very heavy soil.  I can leave my
soaker hoses on for days with no damage, but then we do have pure sand as
Anne in FL
zone 9b, sunset 26

I'd rather be gardening
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> Anne, that was the same rhodie forest which took the dreadful
> beating from the winter weather -- I actually filled 4  32-gal pails
> with the debris which i had to cut off!  But let me tell you, I did NOT
> climb inside the tangle to reach the unreachable -- anything I
> couldn't snatch and pull down for clipping I left alone. The plants
> put on such extraordinary vegetative growth in an effort to stay
> alive that now no one can see the damage!  It boggles the mind ...
> Jimmie heard water running at 11:00pm tonite -- investigation
> showed that I had left the underground soaker hoses on from
> 3:00pm in the rose bed. (They are not automated.)  Never happened
> before -- and I hang my head in shame.  I do wonder what cause
> and effect there will be...
> Penny. NY
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