Re: [gardeners] Mildew

penny x stamm (
Thu, 6 Jul 2000 23:29:07 -0400

Hi, Byron -- you probably have heard me tell this before -- about  
9  years ago, Cornell had come out with the remedy of baking 
soda solution to prevent mildew. So I drove all the way to up to 
the Finger Lakes from the New York City area where I live, and
stopped in at Sonnenberg Gardens at the head of Canandaigua
Lake to see their test rose gardens which were following this
regimen of an application every 3rd day.  Wasted trip.  They had
no money in their budget to provide water to the roses, and in
that particular year, the rainfall must have been pitifull, for most
of the roses had dropped dead, and those which were still alive, 
were covered with both mildew and black spot. I was in shock, 
for I never thought it possible that they could not have put in the
simple rubber soakers, and have one of their many available 
volunteers come and turn the darned things on, for heaven's

The clue here is EVERY THIRD DAY.  That is a first class pain in
the neck for the average busy home gardener!  And of course, 
it was never a cure, only a preventive. 

Penny, NY  

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