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Annetta Green (
Fri, 7 Jul 2000 07:47:07 -0400

Fertilizer may not be a bad idea, but did you do any more damage than a good
long rain storm?  I doubt it.  The roses probably enjoyed the extra water
and now a little food is a good idea.
Anne in FL
zone 9b, sunset 26

I'd rather be gardening
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> Anne, no, we do not have sandy soil, but the rose bed is 36 inches
> high (18" below ground, and 18 inches above) and was filled by
> our own combination of new topsoil (which comes with a small
> percentage of sand mixed in), peat moss, chopped grass sods,
> gypsum, and what little humous we had available...  Oh, yes,
> I also scraped the soil which we had removed from the hole
> with a steel rake, and returned that earth to the mixture.
> It would seem to me that after an 8 hour water soaking, I
> should give the whole bed some fresh fertilizer, no?
> Penny
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