Re: [gardeners] New England Salsa?

Ron Hay (
Tue, 11 Jul 2000 07:29:15 -0700

Hi, Penny,

Our standard salsa cruda recipe calls for about 4 good-sized tomatoes,
quartered; 3 red ripe serrano chiles, sliced  (seeding them diminishes
the heat); leaves from the better part of a large bunch of cilantro; at
least half an onion, quartered; a teaspoon of salt; the two teaspoons of
lime juice. Turn on Cuisinart, empty carefully, pour into a bowl and
enjoy however you like. This sauce makes a wonderful marinade and baking
sauce for chicken and pork, and is wonderful with fresh tortilla chips.


penny x stamm wrote:

> Margaret, I would be happy to make my own salsa, if I had
> a recipe written for northerners....  or is that an oxymoron?
> We went out for an Indian dinner with friends on Saturday
> night, and they must have changed chefs. Have never had
> tandoori chicken before which was HOT. And Jimmie's
> masala was too hot to swallow. It all tasted like vindaloo...
> Net result, I burned the roof of my mouth. Amazing!
> But that wasn't all I did -- Saturday must have been a jinx day,
> for I spent some two hours on my knees deep inside a large
> flower bed, hardly able to turn around without crushing
> something, and when I took off my workpants to get ready
> for going out, my knees hurt enormously. No surprise, I
> have never been able to kneel comfortably.  Now here it
> is a bit more than 48 hours later, and I just discovered that the
> bumps and lumps which resulted from that kneeling are
> actually blisters..  Big, ridiculous blisters!
> Gosh, I'd like to go back to being 45 again -- this aging
> process is for the birds.
> Penny, NY
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