Re: [gardeners] New England Salsa?

Ron Hay (
Thu, 13 Jul 2000 07:45:57 -0700

Hello, again, Penny. Yes, I love pappadums! We have 3 Indian markets
within about a five mile radius.

While at the market recently, I purchased a bag of rice flour and am
going to learn to make masala dosa next week, accompanied, of course, by
a wonderful sweet tomato chutney, the recipe for which I have made many
times, from the wonderful Indian Vegetarian cookbook, _Lord Krishna's
Cuisine_, by Yamuna Devi (available currently in most larger


penny x stamm wrote:

> Ron, Trader Joe has a multitude of chip choices. I'll look
> them over.
> AMOF, at Christmastime, when I fix up the huge care packages
> for my 3 out-of-town kids, I always send the Trader Joe blue
> chips, and the vinegar chips, but I have never tasted them.
> Funny thing, but I love vinegar, and I also love crisp, hot French
> fries -- but I do NOT like the Greek fries which have the vinegar
> poured onto them.  My cousin serves bar-b-qued tortilla chips,
> and they are great...
> Do you like pappadums..?
> Penny, NY
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