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The easiest way to figure out what kind of TV is the best is to go shopping for some
at the local stores you want to maybe buy from. After a bit you will find that they
are pretty much all about the same. Just figure out what features will be used and
the size that fits the spot. After that it all falls into place just get name brand.
      This is what we found in our limited area to purchase a TV with my pecan money
this year. It isn't all that hard to do. Your money, the size of the spot your
filling and what you want the TV to do will easily point you in the right direction.
Once you go shop around you will see.
      For the elderly it seems like the main considerations are volume control as to
how loud it will go for those hard of hearing.
     Controls --- with big buttons or easy to read and understand.
     Size also determines sometimes the quality of the picture. If too large it would
be grainy and hard for a older person to see. Be sure to stand back at the
approximate distance she would normally watch and make sure she can see it good.
After you make your selection if at all possible take her to it or it to her to make
sure it is the way she likes it. After all we are not 'old' yet and may not realize
what she needs to operate it comfortably.
     Here is another thought that we found out with our 80 year old parents on my
husband side .... Get them a TV just like yours so when they call you up on the phone
confused about what is wrong with the TV you have the same controls and try to talk
her through it. Believe me it has really helped on this Direct TV and them! They are
always pushing the wrong button and having something weird up on the screen!
Sometimes hubby just gives up and goes over to fix it when he can't talk her through
it! LOL Pitiful sometimes!

Hope this helps.
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