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Wed, 19 Jul 2000 12:14:36 EDT

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<< It's amazing how much extra energy you have when you're not on the 
internet for
 several days. Here's the saga of the netless Shirley family. >>

Hey George,
I agree!! Lighting got my modem the second time this year, last week. While 
my computer was in the shop I acutally read a book in my spare time!! 
As it is, I have the computer in the Den area which is near the kitchen, so 
when I have a few spare minutes I check out the email etc. on the computer. 
Last week I sat down with a magazine or the book I had been trying to get 
As a * learning experince* I signed off 3 of the high volume list I was 
on...I'll miss them, but just didn't realize how much time I was devoting to 
email until last week!! 
Marie (upstate S.C.)