[gardeners] Thursday in the garden, and other places

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Thu, 20 Jul 2000 20:13:23 -0500

Started off at 0630 this morning by hopping in the old Dodge with Miz Anne and
hauling it up to Pineville, LA to the VA Medical Center. Made my 0930
appointment with ten minutes to spare, mainly because I missed a turn in high
speed traffic and had to backtrack 20 miles. Drats! I hate that, messes up my
mind something fierce.

Anyhoo, it finally came my time to see the doc at about 1100. Turns out some
bureaucrat had lost my shoulder xrays from last trip in April. Down to X-ray and
got three views of each shoulder done. At the least the young fellow in x-ray
knew what he was doing. Back to the Ortho clinic and another 30 minute wait.
Luck of the draw is I got a resident who was somewhat hesitant, had to tell him
what I wanted and how to do it. Ended up getting 7 cc's of cortoid and 2 cc's of
novocaine injected into my left shoulder, took three punctures to do it and it
hurt like hell. Ended up about passed out, covered in cold sweat, and bleeding
from the puncture wounds. Got the guy to put down every thing he did in my
record in case of complications my heirs would know who to go beat up. Shoulder
still hurts but I'm hopeful the bursitis will go away for another 25 years.

On the way home we stopped at the Indian Casino in Kinder, LA and had the buffet
lunch. Very tasty throughout although we didn't eat a lot as we are no longer
big eaters. I did splurge and had an excellent bread pudding made from French
bread and with a whiskey sauce over it. Tres' magnifique.

Us big spenders from a small town dropped $3.50 in a slot machine and went home.
Hope that helped them make up the deficit in the small charge for the buffet.
$17.00 for the two of us including bottomless glasses of tea and lemonade. 
Temperatures on the way home were in the triple digits and the car ac struggled
to keep us cool. Drank lots of tepid water from our giant mugs and survived the
trip to get home to a dog frantic with happiness. She's not used to 8 hours
without the rest of the pack. After a group pack brawl on the floor with
multiple dog kisses and nose bites we rested for a bit.

Miz Anne's regular Thursday afternoon children's art class went flawlessly as
usual with the nice children doing well. I messed with the internet (joy joy
joy) and did some work for my clients that involved faxing 4 pages to 10
clients, takes a while that does.

About 1900 (7 pm to you civilians and Amuricans) we went out to the garden.
Picked about a dozen pods of Burmese okra, 7 more eggplant, and about a pint of
red chiles. Turned on all the soaker hoses again and watered well every thing in
pots and spots (spots are little individual plantings that its not worth running
soakers to). Gonna have to mow de lawn again tomorrow. How come grass grows so
quick when it doesn't get any water. You would think the dreary stuff would have
the grace to die and leave room for something useful. We were all drenched in
sweat by the time we got done outside and cooled down for a while in the shade
with a couple of sweat rollers blowing on us. Now we're back indoors listening
to the central ac run its heart out for us.

Another exciting day in the lives of George, Miz Anne, and Sleepy Dawg Shirley.
What will tomorrow bring? Unfortunately it will bring more work for me and Miz
Anne, a new muffler for the Dodge plus a new temperature sensor (my car gets
more gifts than my wife), and maybe, just maybe, some rain, please.

Life is still good though