Re: [gardeners] Thursday in the garden, and other places

penny x stamm (
Sun, 23 Jul 2000 00:32:33 -0400

George, your experiences with the medical resident at the VA sound
hairy -- I suspect that you might have been better off swallowing your
dismay and returning home until someone more experienced could
have helped you.   I know it's a long drive....  Do you feel any

About 6 years ago, I went in to my local medical group to get myself a
cortisone shot in the elbow, to get rid of the tendonitis which was
driving me crazy. My own doctor was a rheumatologist, and she thought
absolutely nothing of filling up a hypodermic with the stuff, tapping it
with her finger, and then aiming at some magic spot in my elbow, 
never failing to hit the target. No pain, either...!  However, on this
she was on vacation, so I made the appointment with one of the other
docotrs whose specialty was Internal Infection. He was horrified that
I asked him to give me the shot, and declared firmly that this was a job
for a rheumatologist, and sent me home.  

What kind of doctor did the job for you 25 years ago...?  The main thing
of course, how are you now...? 

Penny, NY 

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