Re: [gardeners] Artichokes,

penny x stamm (
Sun, 23 Jul 2000 00:53:54 -0400

Hello, Ron -- we're just back from a week in upstate
N.Y. with my son's family, and I cannot step outside to 
check the artichokes -- but here is our status:  two 
plants, and nothing is growing up thru the first one, but
two grew up on the 2nd one. We ate one last week, which
I instinctively harvested just as the leaves were slightly 
spreading open. 

Yes, we did suddenly get those nasty little black bugs, to
my horror, and yes, I did spray them with one of the oldest
chemicals we used to use in combination, malathion.  It said
on the package that it could be used up to 6 days of harvest
on veggies, or 8 or 10 -- specifying each. I had 16 days till
harvest, so I was not afraid.  The bugs returned after 10 days,
but I have not sprayed a second time because there were not
enuff hours in the days before my departure. I shall inspect 
everything on Wednesday. 

I had no idea that there would be more and more chokes to
come! I was about to chop them up and discard them. Now I shall
spray and then sit back and wait.  

Penny, NY

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