Re: [gardeners] Thursday in the garden, and other places

George Shirley (
Sun, 23 Jul 2000 08:46:29 -0500

penny x stamm wrote:
> George, your experiences with the medical resident at the VA sound
> hairy -- I suspect that you might have been better off swallowing your
> dismay and returning home until someone more experienced could
> have helped you.   I know it's a long drive....  Do you feel any
> improvement..?

Much, much better, hardly any pain in the shoulder now and almost full movement
in all the directions. I guess the pain was worth it for the aftermath. The
needle stick spots are still sore but that will go away eventually.

> About 6 years ago, I went in to my local medical group to get myself a
> cortisone shot in the elbow, to get rid of the tendonitis which was
> driving me crazy. My own doctor was a rheumatologist, and she thought
> absolutely nothing of filling up a hypodermic with the stuff, tapping it
> with her finger, and then aiming at some magic spot in my elbow,
> never failing to hit the target. No pain, either...!  However, on this
> occasion
> she was on vacation, so I made the appointment with one of the other
> docotrs whose specialty was Internal Infection. He was horrified that
> I asked him to give me the shot, and declared firmly that this was a job
> for a rheumatologist, and sent me home.
> What kind of doctor did the job for you 25 years ago...?  The main thing
> is,
> of course, how are you now...?

Had an ortho doc 25 years ago but he did the shots with me under a fluoroscope
and lying down. Never felt any pain at all and did the exercises prescribed
routinely. Exercises are intended to break up the calcium deposit after the shot
hits it.
> Penny, NY

Feeling good today.