Re: [gardeners] Zuccini trouble

Ron Hay (
Sat, 22 Jul 2000 15:46:10 -0700

Hello, Karen,

I used to go out to the zucchini every day before work and take the pollen
from a male blossom (the one without the baby zuke on it) and transfer it,
using a q-tip, to the female blossom(s). Worked like a charm!

Van Nuys, CA

Karen Felt wrote:

> Okay, so how do I pollinate them?
> Thanks so much for your response and for looking stuff up for me.  What
> garden book did you look in?
>  Karen
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> Recently looked in a garden book in regards to your wilting squash. To my
> surprise they listed the problem as lack of pollination.
> Craig Watts
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> Subject: [gardeners] Zuccini trouble
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> Hello i'm new,
> My zuccinis are having issues... the plants looks very healthy and other
> than wilting every once and a while from want of water, i have no idea why
> many of the growing fruit is turning yellow and wilting at the ends closer
> to the blossum and slowly moving up the fruit.  Is it lack of water? Too
> much water? not enough dirt? (I have them in large pots) I have them in a
> soil with fertilizer and manure  to give lots of nutrients... is it too
> much?  Help!  I love zucinni and they are withering  away.  This could
> bring
> me to tears if i don't solve this quick!!
> Karen