Re: [gardeners] Saturday in the garden

donna warren (
Sat, 29 Jul 2000 17:07:57 -0700

>I had gone to Big Lots, the remaindered goods store nearby, last week and
>purchased some jars of salsa, made by, of all people, Seeds of Change. Got
a jar
>of Jamaica Jerk and a couple of jars of Smoked Pasilla. 

I used to find lots of interesting things at Big Lots, neat boxes, gardening
gloves, and exotic prepared foods; but the stores in Tennessee are changing
their style, and price.  More floor space, lots of badly made furniture,
much higher prices.  Kind of like a very, very, downmarket KMart.  And that
is pretty down.

> and then put a nice sirloin
>steak in one of my gallon jars, covered it with the Smoked Pasilla and pulled a
>vacuum on the jar. Both were just grilled about an hour ago and both were good.
>I prefer the steak with the smoked pasilla chile salsa as the vacuum opened the
>pores of the meat and allowed the salsa to penetrate deep inside. Right tasty

That vacuum thing sounds great.  What is it called, where can I get one?
I just froze some blackberries spread out on a cookie sheet and thawed a few
a couple of days later.  Outstanding, could not tell they had been frozen at
all.  But I am thinking that with all the air in the container I then put
them in, freezer burn will set in quickly and the quality will not be there. 

Donna, Tennessee