Re: [gardeners] Saturday in the garden

donna warren (
Sun, 30 Jul 2000 06:00:42 -0700

>I have a Tilia Foodsaver Compact II, $159.00 at Sam's Club a few years ago.
>Noticed them last time I was there and they're still the same price. Takes
>special bags but they last forever. I have some that have been used at
least ten
>times each. Pulls a true vacuum and your produce doesn't freezer burn. Every
>once in awhile I run up on some veggies that have been in the freezer 2 or 3
>years and the quality is till good. No air, no freezer burn. That reminds me,
>need to defrost the big freezer. Drat, there goes my Sunday.

Sorry about your Sunday.  I am waiting for Sam's to open and will call about
the Foodsaver.  When I asked you about it, I was thinking primarily about
storing frozen stuff; but on rereading your post, I see that you prepare
food for grilling that way.  That sounds interesting.  Does it speed up and
intensify marination?  For fish?  For chicken?  If you are using a liquid,
what keeps the vacuum tube from sucking the liquid right out?