Re: [gardeners] Saturday in the garden

George Shirley (
Sun, 30 Jul 2000 10:18:09 -0500

Use a jar or container larger than you need. My gallon jar only had the steak
and marinade in the bottom. Liquid doesn't rise up high enough to get sucked
into the vacuum tube. The tilia has special lids etc for pulling a vacuum on
jars. You can also pull a vacuum on a wide mouth jar with a regular jar lid, ie
canning lid on it. Won't preserve things the way pressure canning will do but
will do just fine for keeping in the freezer for awhile or marinating things.
Tells you all about it in the booklet that comes with the machine. You can also
check them out on the web by doing a search for "Tilia FoodSaver".


donna warren wrote:
> >I have a Tilia Foodsaver Compact II, $159.00 at Sam's Club a few years ago.
> >Noticed them last time I was there and they're still the same price. Takes
> >special bags but they last forever. I have some that have been used at
> least ten
> >times each. Pulls a true vacuum and your produce doesn't freezer burn. Every
> >once in awhile I run up on some veggies that have been in the freezer 2 or 3
> >years and the quality is till good. No air, no freezer burn. That reminds me,
> >need to defrost the big freezer. Drat, there goes my Sunday.
> >
> >George
> Sorry about your Sunday.  I am waiting for Sam's to open and will call about
> the Foodsaver.  When I asked you about it, I was thinking primarily about
> storing frozen stuff; but on rereading your post, I see that you prepare
> food for grilling that way.  That sounds interesting.  Does it speed up and
> intensify marination?  For fish?  For chicken?  If you are using a liquid,
> what keeps the vacuum tube from sucking the liquid right out?
> Donna