Re: [gardeners] Saturday in the garden

donna warren (
Sun, 30 Jul 2000 14:53:48 -0700

Inspired by George's post on vacuum packing/sealing/marinating et al, I
called Sam's Club.  I asked whether they had any vacuum food sealers.  Was
told "no, we don't have nothing like that".  So I sent to the internet and
got information, but the order forms were for canadian money and/or the
company would not accept my Discover card.  On the fourth try, when I tried
to back out of ordering my computer locked up.  

Replaying my conversation with the Sam's Club gatekeeper, I decided her tone
had been more of a "don't bother me, I just answer the phone" than was
helpful, I called back, got the same voice and this time asked for the
kitchen appliance department.  She asked what that was, and I answered
"toasters and the like".  She said they don't sell toasters.  I then gave
the brand name of the sealer and she finally got someone else to tell me
that they do have them.  

Went to Sam's Club, fifty miles from here, first time.  Went through a lot
of hassle to get a card.  Got the Tilia.  It was on the same aisle as the
toasters.  Bought some other stuff I can't get in Scotts Hill TN and
immediately found a use for the sealer.  Huge tub of feta.  Same of shredded
parmesan.  Then went through the  "we really think you are trying to steal
from us" routine to get out of the store.  

Am home now, tired and testy.  And with only enough zip left to watch the
video.  Think I am going to like the machine, though.  

So thank you George, and everybody.  Your recommendation is what sold me.  I
had seen part of an "infomercial" about such a machine, and have always been
convinced that anything merchandised that way must be a piece of junk.  So I
was wrong.