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Tue, 1 Aug 2000 05:35:51 -0400

Aren't there electric pumps sold for just this purpose?  They cut on when
the water reaches a certain level and cut off when there's nothing to pump?
Of course that would eliminate the challenge, wouldn't it.


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> George, we've gotten about 3 more inches. It's cloying  --
> humid, damp, temper-tantrum weather.
> Jim has rigged a syphon.  We screw a 12 ft garden hose on to the
> cellar tub faucet, then run it out the door to the so-called well at
> the bottom of the outside stairs where the drain in the concrete
> floor is bubbling up creating the lake which is pouring over the
> 8" doorsill. He attaches the end of that hose underwater to an
> 80 ft hose which he pulls up the stairs and then down the whole
> back yard to the wall. If I turn on the water at the sink, he can
> unscrew the hoses under water, and the long hose will syphon
> that flood away from the house...  It works.
> Only problem is when the rain stops for an hour. Then the syphon
> breaks. I have to be at a meeting at the Coop Extension in the
> morning, but if the next deluge arrives after 9:00am, I cannot leave
> home until I can start the syphon once again with Poor James.
> Obviously, many of our roads and parkways are closed and
> flooded. I wish those in power would get on the phone and cancel
> the meeting!  Drats.....
> Jimmie is complaining to everyone that the bushes and shrubs are
> growing right in front of his eyes. I warned him that if he gets out
> there behind my back with pruning sheers, he will not even get
> bread and water for a week.
> And I hate to tell you how much looks like a pack of drowned rats.
> Droop, drip, drown, die.
> 8" of rain so far, with 5 more days predicted
> BTW, my son just called from upstate New York near Buffalo --
> they have the identical weather problems, and he wonders if his
> cabin will slide into the lake . . . . .
> Penny, NY
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