[gardeners] Re: a Poltergeist!

penny x stamm (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 2 Aug 2000 02:27:21 -0400

A Poltergeist, Ranchmama...? What a concept! 

Jimmie's tooth died on Saturday. His computer died today.
We had a massive argument about whether the 32-gallon 
garbage pails full of grass clippings were too heavy for the
poor garbage men to lift tomorrow, or not. Then I served him 
Chicken Divan, baked potato, and fresh corn on the cob, poor
boy. He couldn't eat the corn. Why not...? Because it would
hurt THAT tooth. How can a tooth hurt if it has already died?
Umn, well, it's still sensitive. Then it ain't dead, Jim. 

Have you got a boot disk, demands Jim.  No, I reply. Oh, man, 
you'll be in a lot of trouble if your computer bombs!  So where
is YOUR boot disk? It's gone. How can it be gone..? Well, let 
me use yours, cause I want to try to trick my computer into
working. Mine is for Windows 98, and yours is Windows 95,
which won't work.  Oh, yes it will. ....  so off goes Jim with one 
of my old boot disks, and puts it on his machine.  I need more
files, says Jim. That's not enuf... 

A Poltergeist...?  I do believe you've got something there!

Penny, NY  

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