Re: [gardeners]back problems (
Sat, 12 Aug 2000 12:10:53 EDT

<< A propensity for arthritis, aging, etc. That's what my docs tell me. 
true for all of us as we age. >>

My doctor put me on Vioxx after trying several other medications and wow what 
a difference.  I was eating Ibuprofen like candy, now I take one Vioxx at 
bedtime and some Tylenol as needed in the afternoon and early evening for 
pain.  I now can get a good nights sleep and get up in the morning without 
the horrid pain.

I hurt my back two years ago, have a bulging disc, and a congenital narrowing 
of the spine, a hip problem all complicated and made worse by arthritis.  
Isn't grand this aging thing?

Mary-Anne who's going w/hubby up to the Gold Country for the weekend.  Great 
wineries up there for Zinfandel (the real stuff is red!!!! and earthy and 
wonderful like the wines of Tuscany, but better :-)

Then my back will not hurt so much :-)