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George Shirley (
Fri, 11 Aug 2000 09:32:55 -0500

penny x stamm wrote:
> George, I'm jealous of your garden productivity, but not your
> weather....  Have you heard from Allen...?

Not a word. Wondering what has happened to the Texas Flash.
> Miz Anne must be mighty pleased with the school news.
> Congratulations to her!

Thank you.
> If you don't mind telling, just what kind of business do you
> conduct? I cannot make it out.....

I'm a safety consultant in the construction and hydrocarbon processing
industries. Downsized myself in 1991 from corporate work to working for myself.
It has taken several years to get to where we are with the business now but it
has been worth it. Lot more relaxed attitude, no more ulcers, no more office
politics, etc.

> I have been mumbling to you quietly for about 30 hours now --
> I finally got in to the hospital in NYC to see a recommended
> neurologist, and the outcome of this is that I apparently have
> two hip bursitises, plus a questionable disk involvement.
> Since i stopped throwing my hubby over my shoulder to
> carry him, I don't know how this all happened.

A propensity for arthritis, aging, etc. That's what my docs tell me. Probably
true for all of us as we age.
> The doctor gave me some codeine until I have the MRI next
> week, after which I must get two cortisone shots in the hip,
> for starters.  Say a little prayer that I get a better skilled
> medico than you did~!

You're paying for yours, he'd better be good. Mine was at the VA and was a new
resident with no supervision. Will still say the prayer though.
> Penny, NY

George, just in from a couple hours work.