[gardeners] Re: Friday in the garden

penny x stamm (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 26 Aug 2000 23:48:19 -0400

Hi, Ranchmama, I've forgotten what the summer feels like.  It
is hard to believe that we have not had even one day all June, July 
and August which reached 90*...  The dogwoods are turning, the
lantana is dropping its leaves -- the pineapple refuses to grow even 
one millimeter!  We can feel the breath of winter come upon us,
more's the pity.

Jimmie's still compulsively rebuilding the drip irrigation system,
in spite of all my cries of despair about too much rain and no 
sunshine at all. He's off his rocker!  At least today I reasoned out 
why the back row of rhododendrons in my special garden has
never kept growth pace with the rest of the shrubbery -- on 
impulse I checked the water line back there and saw that the
water emitters were spaced 18 inches apart, instead of 12....
we eager-beaver-dummies had laid in the wrong line 10 years 
ago!  It's hard to believe..   I've shovel-pruned 4 rhodies from that 
line, replaced another 2, and those that remain look like cartoon
stick figures!  And yet, Jimmie has taken a pressure reading at
the end of the line, and every time it comes out to 28 lbs, which is
superb..  There just had to be an answer, but it was tough finding
it. Ah, well -- we'll be all set for summer 2001, if it chooses to
arrive next year.    

Penny, NY

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