Re: [gardeners] Heat wave

lneuru (
Fri, 1 Sep 2000 09:09:26 -0400

it's hot here, but especially humid, 98%.  Only 18 celsius at the moment,
but will go up to 30 at least....don't know what that is in F. anymore, but
it's uncomfortable.  We've slept, or tried to, on top of the sheets for the
last week.

I am thinking of buying a food processor.  What I want to do is finely
shred or slice veggies; many of the machines seem to be capable of doing
all sorts of things.  We like shredded veggies in salads, claw and the like
but the old fingers are tired of using a grater.  That's what I've always
done,  with a collection of graters I got while we lived in europe.  north
Americans don't seem to do much with veggies that way, or much by hand. 
I'm still using a spoon to cream butter and make cakes, even if I own a
hand blender (probably why it's lasted 37 years).  OK, sometimes I *do* use
my hands to mix stuff....

Any ideas on food processors?

Thanks in advance, 


> From: George Shirley <>
> To:
> Subject: Re: [gardeners] Heat wave
> Date: Thursday, August 31, 2000 9:26 PM
> Byron, come on down. Ambient temp today was 107F with a heat index of
116F. Lots
> more heat than my old bones can stand. The temperature last night at 10
pm was
> 97F on the heat index, ie the perceived temperature. On top of that our
> company is asking people to voluntarily cut back on electricity use or
they may
> have to institue "rolling" brownouts. Public Service Commission has told
> they had better find some more juice or be prepared to be fined millions.
> Anyone up in Canada that wants to can open the door and let some cold air
> here if they've got any. Could use some rain too.
> George
> byron bromley wrote:
> > 
> > Penny in NY
> > 
> > You can stop doing the "Heat Wave" anytime
> > 70 to 90 overnight, is a little more than these old bones can handle.
> > 
> > Byron