Re: [gardeners] Re: Heat wave

George Shirley (
Sat, 02 Sep 2000 11:18:07 -0500

Geez Ron, there's folks around here that would kill for just a power bill of
$179.00 per month. I have mine averaged and it's about $70 a month plus $25 for
water/sewer/garbage pickup. Actual power bill lately has been close to $200 per
month. We've had a solid month of either actual temps or heat indexes above 100.
Hottest was this week, all time record of 107F with heat index of 115 IIRC.
We've also been in a drought for the better part of three years. We still get
some rain but no where near the usual 65 inches a year. Weather gurus say we
have a deficit in rain in excess of 20 inches for last two years. Oak trees are
dying from lack of rain. There have been more than 20 huge oaks taken out in my
neighborhood this summer. Our heat will get worse without these big trees to
shade us.

We don't have any irrigation water, just city water.

George, still sweating even if I'm inside with the ac.

Ron Hay wrote:
> Good morning, Penny,
> Those conditions are what prevail in the San Joaquin Valley and
> Sacramento Valley every year, and, with irrigation, supply most of the
> US with produce.
> We had a rare rainstorm here on Tuesday, bringing the temperature down
> from the high 90s-low 100s where they had been for weeks and weeks. We
> have enjoyed a wierdly cool week after an eternity of heat. (I looked at
> our water and power bill for two months ($358) and had to sit down and
> mop my brow. Here's hoping the coolth will continue for a bit, to spare
> us the watering and cooling which we must do each and every year.
> Ron
> penny x stamm wrote:
> > Ranchmama, 107* and no rain every August? What kind of crops
> > grow under these conditions? Does everybdy have a river running
> > thru the back of the property, to jump into...?
> >
> > Penny, NY
> >
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