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Sat, 2 Sep 2000 07:15:22 -0500

Penny they say this is the first August in many years where there has been absolutely
not a drop. The thing is even when there has been rain it doesn't mean all that much.
When you have heat like this you can get a inch ever couple of days and just barely
keep the pastures alive.
      We had 110*F on Friday on my truck temp gauge. That is not the O Fish All
weather center thing that was just what was outside at my place. The weather man said
it was 101*F Friday before noon. As I was going out to town Friday about 4 p.m. it
was 110*F on the truck. I noticed on the wooden fence posts there was a collection of
about 5 or 10 big grasshoppers. (You didn't see them on the metal T posts) I looked
closer and could see they were all on the east side of the post for the shade and as
far up as they could get up off the ground. That was hot!
They say today is supposed to be the hottest day of the year. The weather man is
almost promising we will have a cool front by NEXT Friday. It will be a freezing 95*F
! Brrrrrr. LOL
     This kind of weather I don't think we worry to much about growing crops. The
lower bottom land has more moisture so the grasses are greener. Most pastures the
only possible green grass you find is in the shade of large trees.
     Here in Oklahoma I have learned that it is best to get the goodie out of your
garden before July 4th. After that date the rain will usually stop until Sept. and
what little you do get doesn't mean anything with the intense heat and extremely
bright sun we have. Most plants that say full sun on the package you just give them
1/2 day sun here in Oklahoma.
     If you have normal Oklahoma ground you also get any root crops out by the 4th
otherwise you will have them baked in and you can't even get a shovel in the ground!
I also learned that on bell peppers you better count on maybe 2 - 3 per plant if you
are lucky depending on your water supply and temps. So put out what you want for the
freezer and pick quick before it gets too hot! Otherwise the plants just keel over
from the heat.

Okie zone 7a
aka " Ranchmama "
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> Ranchmama, 107* and no rain every August? What kind of crops
> grow under these conditions? Does everybdy have a river running
> thru the back of the property, to jump into...?