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George Shirley (
Sat, 02 Sep 2000 13:37:43 -0500

They announced last night that the 107F we reached was an all time record since
they've kept records here. The weather people said records had been kept since
1880. I would believe them, we've lived here twelve years and this is the
hottest I've seen it.

I've been out making short hoses out of long hoses. Took three of our 15 year
old hoses and made two 25 footers out of two of them and two 15's and a 20 out
of the other. They tend to kink when they're long so decided I would use them
whereever I just need a short hose. Fittings are cheaper than new short hoses.

Picked about a quart of hot chiles today and will probably pick a mess of okra
this afternoon. The crowders are ready to pick but the fire ants love them so
much I don't like to get bitten while I'm picking. (Sounds like a C&W song
doesn't it?) Will wait to nearly dark and see if the ants go home to feed the
babies. I think the blasted ants are nesting under my compost heap, don't want
to turn it in this heat to find out.

Got the soaker hoses going in all the beds right now, will leave them on slow
drip until sometime tomorrow. I plan to water the grass too, at least under and
around our trees. That's the only way I know to ensure these shallow rooted oaks
get a drink or two with no rain in sight.

Life is good but hot.

George wrote:
> << Subject: [gardeners] Heat wave
> Penny in NY
> You can stop doing the "Heat Wave" anytime
> 70 to 90 overnight, is a little more than these old bones can handle. >>
> Here we are freezing in northern California. Rain everywhere and snow at
> 7,000 feet.  It has set records for Sept. 1 since 1896!
> Mary-Anne