[gardeners] Re: Heat wave

penny x stamm (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Tue, 5 Sep 2000 23:33:55 -0400

It makes me smile to think of you getting badly sunburned in May --
we're not even allowed to plant our seedlings until mid-May, and
then only if the weather has been mild!  I normally target June 1st.
That, of course, puts us waaaaay behind you in cultivation. 

February is usually the hardest month we endure. March is cold, 
windy and raw. April is rainy, and cool. May begins the calm-down. 

This morning, btw, it was57* when we woke up. Broke a record for
the lowest temperature on this date!  The statistics say that this 
summer on average we were 10 degrees cooler than normal. And
we barely ever saw the sun... 

Right now we are freezing here inside the house, at midnight. My
hands are like ice. We refuse to turn on the heat, just out of principle!
I guess we'll have a mug of hot soup before bedtime ... seems just
impossible, this kooky weather.

We had half an inch of rain during all of July, last summer. We had
8 inches of rain during all of July, this summer. Both are bad extremes. 

I enjoyed your list of recommended planting times. I'm gonna
share it with my Coop Ext boss tomorrow, just for all the oohs and
aahs it will bring.  What zone are you?

Penny, NY -- where it should be 85* but it ain't

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