Re: [gardeners]thai pea EGGPLANTS (
Mon, 25 Sep 2000 00:56:52 EDT

<<  We also grew Thai pea eggplants and some other unusual eggplants.  >>

Hurray Margaret!  Mine never germinated.

I can't believe your temps already, as we are in the high 80'w daytime, and 
night time lows of 55.

I bought 20 different heirloom tomato seeds at the Kendall-Jackson Tomato 
Fest a few weeks back.  We tasted 150 varieties--actually hubby did.  I just 
couldn't.....and he told me try this one it's good and no don't bother.

If you'd like some seeds let me know.  I do have seeds for several we loved 
at the tomato tasting:
Garden Lime
Italian Purple
Aunt Ruby's German Green
Ed's Fat Plum
Purple Brandywine
Old Wyandotte
Lillian's Heirloom Yellow
Hawaiian Pineapple
Potato Leaf White
Texas Wild
Arkansas Traveler
Pink Sweet Tomato

We also loved Armenian, Old Fashioned Red, Yellowstone, and Zogola but they 
were out of those seeds.

This year we are growing the following and I am saving seeds:
Sugar Smack
Green Grape - love this one
Sungold _ always a favorite
Red Pear - ok, pretty
Sweet 100's - tasty
Yellow Pear-prolific
Gardener's Delight-good
Snow White - very nice flavor
Rainbow Cherry
Red Sweetie
Sun Drop Orange - tasty large cherry

Regular tomatoes:
Cherokee Purple - always a favorite
Moskovitz - love this one
Mister Stripey
Old German
Mortgage Lifter - it's a winner
Big Rainbow
Golden Brandywine - have grown for a couple of years, but not as good as 
regular B
Stupice - prolific and ok
Aunt Ruby's German Green - a big favorite!
Stripped German
 Brandywine - always a winner
Super Fantastic - ok
Noir de Crimee - wonderful tasting black!
Pomodoro Cour de Bue - a longtime favorite Plum
F2 Damayanti - from India prolific Plum
Sanzana Hybrid (from Italy) tasty Plum
Amish Paste from Byron - did much better last year, maybe too hot for it this 
Patio - don't bother
Black Plum - a new favorite!
Black Brandywine
Nano Roma (from Italy)-nice Plum for sauces

I am still waiting for some to ripen for a tasting!