Re: [gardeners] pickled green tomatoes

penny x stamm (
Sat, 30 Sep 2000 00:19:22 -0400

Mary-Anne & Carol,  it's down to 49 degrees outside there
by the tomatoes -- and I heard  a report that we would have a hard
freeze by morning. Does not sound good for all those lovely 
green tomatoes -- I got called away today very suddenly, and
never took them in. Worse than that, I also did not harvest the
pineapple!!! Absolutely incredible . . . 

It's midnight -- I wonder if my hubby would like to make a foray
out into the moonless night with me for a bit of crop vandalizing...??

I think I'll call my daughter's Italian mother-in-law and ask her
how she fixes her pickles...   They used to make their own wine, 
but whenever she served it to us, she diluted it with 7-Up, it
tasted so bad . . .   perhaps I should forget about her pickles . .

Penny, NY

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