Re: [gardeners] Trees

penny x stamm (
Sat, 30 Sep 2000 01:45:21 -0400

George, don't be so rash!  Why not carve those 6 ft tall stumps into
totem poles...?  

My daughter spirited me away to the sculpture garden at Pepsi Cola
Corporate Hdqrts this afternoon, for a brisk walk in the sunny-but-chilly
fresh air.  She showed me the rust colored mason's trowel of some
30-40 feet in height which was stuck point downwards into the soil . . .
the tangled maze of aluminum rods which she calls a TV antenna
with a bad tutorial . . . a short, fat bronze lady who was almost all
behind . . . a park bench with three life-sized cast people resting in
the sun . . . and three enormous totem poles, all charcoal grey with 
red accents, rising out of an empty meadow.  

We have a totem pole in Jimmie's office -- and only a mile away in
each direction, there's a totem pole standing in a front yard.  They're
very eye catching, George, and would enhance the atmosphere in
your veggie garden, for sure.  Would make a wonderful winter

How are you at whittling....?

Penny, NY


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