Re: [gardeners]pickled green tomatoes

penny x stamm (
Sat, 30 Sep 2000 00:34:28 -0400

Carol, I thought that it was always colder at the bottom of a valley than

anywhere else in the neighboring area..  yes, I guess you will soon 
find out. 

My son lives in the Finger Lakes grape growing region of upstate New
York. It seems to me that he said that grapes are usually planted 
(when possible) on a hillside so that they will not get too much water,
the idea being that grapes are always tastier when there is a drought.
And they are planted next to a lake (when possible) because this gives
them an earlier spring season, and they don't care if they have an early
fall season...  Now I am not sure of what I just said -- anybody know
for sure...?  The presence of water affects the temperatures, and it is
to their advantage.

Thank you once again for the 2nd pickle recipe -- this one sounds
very interesting!  We shall see how it goes . . . 

Penny, NY 

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