[gardeners] Trees

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 29 Sep 2000 12:19:01 -0500

Yesterday the arborist of choice came by and looked at the three oaks in the
backyard and the big one in the front. Good news is that both the big trees are
healthy, the one in front and the biggest in the back. The one in the back does
have a couple of split limbs that will have to come out though. The other two
backyard trees are dangerously weakend from a 1995 windstorm and the 1997 ice
storm and will have to come out. Good news is that all of this will only cost
$1150.00 which is less than we had budgetted for this job. He and his crew
should be here tomorrow or Monday, depending on work load and should finish in
one day. Not a bad price considering that the trees are so close to the house
that all the cut parts will have to be brought down with a crane. He had all the
pertinent insurance documents and licenses with him and actually knew the
botanical names of the trees along with the common names. Miz Anne and I are
breathing a little sigh of relief to get the two bad trees down before one of
those huge limbs drops through the roof of the house.

Soon I will have two six foot tall stumps to play with with the daughter's small
chainsaw. Gotta move all the stuff under and around those trees this afternoon
just in case something falls that shouldn't.

George, on his way to pick up Miz Anne's paintings from a show that closed today
and then back to work again.