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Fri, 29 Sep 2000 13:43:34 -0400

I made a chair from the stump of a big apple tree once, that was a lot of
fun.  I guess my sister still has it in her house.  Not real comfortable to
sit on!


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> Yesterday the arborist of choice came by and looked at the three oaks in
> backyard and the big one in the front. Good news is that both the big
trees are
> healthy, the one in front and the biggest in the back. The one in the back
> have a couple of split limbs that will have to come out though. The other
> backyard trees are dangerously weakend from a 1995 windstorm and the 1997
> storm and will have to come out. Good news is that all of this will only
> $1150.00 which is less than we had budgetted for this job. He and his crew
> should be here tomorrow or Monday, depending on work load and should
finish in
> one day. Not a bad price considering that the trees are so close to the
> that all the cut parts will have to be brought down with a crane. He had
all the
> pertinent insurance documents and licenses with him and actually knew the
> botanical names of the trees along with the common names. Miz Anne and I
> breathing a little sigh of relief to get the two bad trees down before one
> those huge limbs drops through the roof of the house.
> Soon I will have two six foot tall stumps to play with with the daughter's
> chainsaw. Gotta move all the stuff under and around those trees this
> just in case something falls that shouldn't.
> George, on his way to pick up Miz Anne's paintings from a show that closed
> and then back to work again.