[gardeners] Re: The Night Owl

penny x stamm (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 30 Sep 2000 03:37:06 -0400

BSK, Remember that old saying which went something like:

Men will toil till setting sun, but 
Women's work is never done...

No, I don't have odd hours -- I seem to be on call 'round the clock.

Starting way back when, in the days when I was raising 5 kids, with 
11 tropical fish tanks to care for and a big garden, life didn't begin
until all the children were in bed, about 9:30pm. I got in the habit of
being a night owl, and that's exactly what I still am today, at the
age of 76. When my office light goes off at 3:15am, that clues me to
start winding down in computerland.  Then I'll get washed and ready 
for bed, and doggone if it doesn't always wake me up! So I'll fold the
laundry, or water all 100 flower seedlings under lights, or even read
the day's mail -- anything to keep from going to bed!  

Jimmie quits between 2 & 3am, but he never minds my not-quite
waking him up when I climb into bed. He's just happy to hug me ....

I get a good night's sleep in 4 hours -- but if I have an appointment
or a workman coming to the house, I can do with 2-1/2 hrs. Don't
ask me how, it is just a fact of life.  Jimmie says that where someone 
else would take a 3 hour nap, Penny takes a 3 minute nap. It's true --

I retired from professional life 5 years ago, but I still devote 2 days a
week to the Master Gardeners.  We have an enthusiastic core of  
50 active members who are fun to work with, lucky us. 

Penny,  NY

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