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I tell my kids that after a certain point in time out in the dating wilds there is
nothing but trouble at that time and besides that we have work to do and I need some
sleep! I have been told ,"Well go ahead and go to sleep!" I told them it just don't
work that way and besides that if something like a wreck happened and we had to go
looking for them because they are late when would you like me to find you? Right
after the accident when we can hopefully help you or the next morning after you have
been laying there in pain all night and finally died? Even indestructible teens are
smart enough to know the earlier the better in a case like that.
      If they keep up arguing  and insist on being late they start getting up at 6
a.m. instead of 7 and for some reason we have a tremendous amount of work for the
next few days! They get so worn out they either don't go out or when they do they
come home at a decent hour and go to sleep because they are tired for some strange
reason. One way or the other we WILL win this argument! LOL
     That is except for the time recently when my son Jon fell asleep in town and he
couldn't hear the cell phone when we called him to come home.  You can kick up a
downed cow easier than you can wake that boy up after he snoozes! He was so
embarrassed in town he hasn't done it again.
         He has been on the tractor all day the last few days and falling asleep in
the floor after a late supper. I know just where he is at and just to be a pain he
sleeps right in the middle of the main walk way! I swear he does it just to

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> Ranchmama, you don't get much more sleep than I do~!
> Yes, I do remember waiting up for the kids -- I told her we had to set a curfew,
and she wondered why, since she was such a sensible girl. My answer was 'so that  the
boy will respect you!' and she accepted that.
> Penny, NY