Re: [gardeners] Early onset to fall in an L.A. Garden

George Shirley (
Sun, 15 Oct 2000 21:01:38 -0500

My insurance paid for repairing the house but refuses to pay to remove damaged
trees. I carry insurance that pays to restore the house to original condition or
to replace it in kind. Doesn't cost but a few bucks more down here.


penny x stamm wrote:
> George, my insurance would not pay for the 'act of nature' which
> tore that big limb off my neighbor's tree. Neither would their insurance.
> WE Paid. Bummer ....
> I was at a regional Master Gardener meeting today in which the
> conversation suddenly move over to wild turkeys -- the folks
> with me said that many of them were also having invasions of
> the big birds!  BTW, these birds looked larger than turkeys to me.
> And I suspect that they were not full grown.  Who knows...?
> I couldn't think of what organization to call to make inquiry, so I
> thank you for your suggestion about the Fish and Wildlife folks.
> Of course!
> We were about 150 M.G.s at the meeting which was held at a
> magnificent old mansion that had been donated to the State
> about 5 years ago. As we approached, my daughter remarked
> that the house itself was great, but that bank of 100 year old
> PERFECT rododendrons was hiding part of it, and should be
> cut back.  She, of course, is into grand old houses while
> everyone else at the meeting was into horticulture. I told
> her that our own Master Gardeners had re-established all the
> gardens, had re-stocked the greenhouse and was growing
> hundreds of flowers for the beds, had been pruning the trees
> (I got my real tree pruning practice right there!), and had turned a
> neglected estate into a public attraction.  To add to that, the
> approach to the house is by road cut through an enormous lawn
> which was surounded by hundreds of trees at their absolute peak
> of fall folliage.  It was something to see, altogether....
> Penny, NY
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