Re: [gardeners] Early onset to fall in an L.A. Garden

penny x stamm (
Sun, 15 Oct 2000 21:23:26 -0400

George, my insurance would not pay for the 'act of nature' which 
tore that big limb off my neighbor's tree. Neither would their insurance.
WE Paid. Bummer ....  

I was at a regional Master Gardener meeting today in which the
conversation suddenly move over to wild turkeys -- the folks
with me said that many of them were also having invasions of
the big birds!  BTW, these birds looked larger than turkeys to me.
And I suspect that they were not full grown.  Who knows...?

I couldn't think of what organization to call to make inquiry, so I 
thank you for your suggestion about the Fish and Wildlife folks. 
Of course!   

We were about 150 M.G.s at the meeting which was held at a
magnificent old mansion that had been donated to the State
about 5 years ago. As we approached, my daughter remarked
that the house itself was great, but that bank of 100 year old
PERFECT rododendrons was hiding part of it, and should be
cut back.  She, of course, is into grand old houses while 
everyone else at the meeting was into horticulture. I told
her that our own Master Gardeners had re-established all the 
gardens, had re-stocked the greenhouse and was growing
hundreds of flowers for the beds, had been pruning the trees
(I got my real tree pruning practice right there!), and had turned a
neglected estate into a public attraction.  To add to that, the
approach to the house is by road cut through an enormous lawn
which was surounded by hundreds of trees at their absolute peak
of fall folliage.  It was something to see, altogether....

Penny, NY

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