Re: [gardeners] Early onset to fall in an L.A. Garden

Margaret Lauterbach (
Sun, 15 Oct 2000 07:58:07 -0600

At 10:30 PM 10/14/00 -0400, you wrote:
>George, do wild turkeys range free at all latitudes?
>We are absolutely  'suburban' in this area, and even though more
>homes are being built as properties get divided, we are not known
>for our 'woods'.  Where would such birds have come from? BTW,
>do they fly, if they want to?
>I have a gut feeling that the birds we saw this week, already so plump
>and tall, are the same birds that I described to y'all during the
>summer, namely the mother and her many chicks doing the same
>cakewalk across everyone's lawns, and apparently not afraid of
>Interestingly, I happened to check the large impatiens bed where
>the one turkey walked right smack thru, and then tangled with the
>low fencing at the rear, but managed to escape --  there is NO sign
>of any damage to the flowers, and I cannot understand that!
>BTW, my own tree company charged me $530 to remove the one
>very heavy branch (8" diameter) which had crashed down off of a
>neighbor's 70 ft pine right on top of my rear shrubbery, plus cart it
>all away -- in N.Y. state, whatever falls beyond your property line
>is no longer your responsibility.  Same laws in Missouri, I know.
>Doesn't make sense to me at all .....
Inside the back cover of the Nov/Dec Organic Gardening magazine, there's a 
one-page article and drawing of the wild turkey. Margaret L