Re: [gardeners] Early onset to fall in an L.A. Garden

George Shirley (
Sun, 15 Oct 2000 08:47:18 -0500

penny x stamm wrote:
> .
> George, do wild turkeys range free at all latitudes?

Not in all latitudes but in much of the eastern US and nearly all of lower
Canada. I haven't heard of any where there's permafrost. There also sub species
for the far western US, Mexico, and point south.

> We are absolutely  'suburban' in this area, and even though more
> homes are being built as properties get divided, we are not known
> for our 'woods'.  Where would such birds have come from? BTW,
> do they fly, if they want to?

They urbanize quite readily if no one molests them. If there are woods where
they can get acorns and insects they will survive. Yes they can fly, sometimes
look like kamikaze pilots whipping in and around trees. Eight or ten of them
jumping up from the weeds near you can scare the heck out of you too. I would
check with the local office of your state fish and wildlife department. They may
have released some near you.
> I have a gut feeling that the birds we saw this week, already so plump
> and tall, are the same birds that I described to y'all during the
> summer, namely the mother and her many chicks doing the same
> cakewalk across everyone's lawns, and apparently not afraid of
> people.

More than likely, the poults grow quickly over a summer.
> Interestingly, I happened to check the large impatiens bed where
> the one turkey walked right smack thru, and then tangled with the
> low fencing at the rear, but managed to escape --  there is NO sign
> of any damage to the flowers, and I cannot understand that!

They seldom leave a track except in wet ground and can usually avoid plants. If
they leave a track in your yard you can positively ID the birds then. Wild
turkeys don't get as big as domestic ones do. A big wild turkey will maybe weigh
20 lbs, hide, feathers, guts, and all.
> BTW, my own tree company charged me $530 to remove the one
> very heavy branch (8" diameter) which had crashed down off of a
> neighbor's 70 ft pine right on top of my rear shrubbery, plus cart it
> all away -- in N.Y. state, whatever falls beyond your property line
> is no longer your responsibility.  Same laws in Missouri, I know.
> Doesn't make sense to me at all .....
> Penny

We have the same law here, neighbors tree fell on my carport 5 years ago. My
insurance had to pay to fix the roof, rain gutters, and fence. He did cut the
tree up though, think his daughter wanted the firewood is the only reason.