Re: [gardeners] Early onset to fall in an L.A. Garden

penny x stamm (
Sat, 14 Oct 2000 22:30:32 -0400

George, do wild turkeys range free at all latitudes? 

We are absolutely  'suburban' in this area, and even though more 
homes are being built as properties get divided, we are not known 
for our 'woods'.  Where would such birds have come from? BTW,
do they fly, if they want to? 

I have a gut feeling that the birds we saw this week, already so plump 
and tall, are the same birds that I described to y'all during the
summer, namely the mother and her many chicks doing the same
cakewalk across everyone's lawns, and apparently not afraid of

Interestingly, I happened to check the large impatiens bed where 
the one turkey walked right smack thru, and then tangled with the
low fencing at the rear, but managed to escape --  there is NO sign
of any damage to the flowers, and I cannot understand that! 

BTW, my own tree company charged me $530 to remove the one
very heavy branch (8" diameter) which had crashed down off of a
neighbor's 70 ft pine right on top of my rear shrubbery, plus cart it 
all away -- in N.Y. state, whatever falls beyond your property line
is no longer your responsibility.  Same laws in Missouri, I know. 
Doesn't make sense to me at all .....


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