Re: [gardeners] transplanting question

Margaret Lauterbach (
Sat, 28 Oct 2000 06:30:48 -0600

>Thank you - I appreciate it. I don't want to lose these if I can avoid it!
>We are thinking of adding on in a year or so, too, and at that point I will
>have quite the transplanting job on my hands - so I'm considering these
>smaller jobs practice for the big one!
>Some years here I think November would be fine to move things, since we
>have moderate winters - but every now and then we have a cold one, and of
>course, there's no real way to know. I'd just as soon wait until April
>since this season is much more hectic for me - but above all, I want to
>keep these plants healthy and growing!
>Billie Hinton

Not very long ago, Arnhild Bleie, a fruit orchard owner in Norway, said on 
another list it had been her experience that fall planting was much better 
than spring planting of trees.  She's in an unusual situation, located in a 
fiord whose climate is dictated by the gulf stream (yep, from the 
Caribbean). Her climate is equivalent to USDA zone 8, about like 
Seattle.  Margaret L