Re: [gardeners] transplanting question

Billie Hinton (
Fri, 27 Oct 2000 18:22:52 -0400

>Hi, Billie and welcome!
>We are further north than you are, being just about New York City
>level, and it is now our custom not to move bushes or trees until
>the spring.  The reasoning is that the plants may not have enough
>time to grow new roots and rootlets before the severe weather of
>winter arrives. September would have been ok, but November
>is stretching it. Without a reasonable root system, a severe winter
>would kill the plants right off.
>The flip side is that by planting in the fall, you would gain an extra
>season for the stabilizing of those plants in their new home.  But
>again I remind you, November is late.  April makes much more
>sense in this case.
>Penny, NY
>I will inquire of my good friend in Cary, N.C. about this subject,
>andwill let you know.

Thank you - I appreciate it. I don't want to lose these if I can avoid it!
We are thinking of adding on in a year or so, too, and at that point I will
have quite the transplanting job on my hands - so I'm considering these
smaller jobs practice for the big one!

Some years here I think November would be fine to move things, since we
have moderate winters - but every now and then we have a cold one, and of
course, there's no real way to know. I'd just as soon wait until April
since this season is much more hectic for me - but above all, I want to
keep these plants healthy and growing!


Billie Hinton