Re: [gardeners] Thursday in the garden

penny x stamm (
Fri, 27 Oct 2000 15:44:50 -0400

Ron, the only thing left to harvest in our yard is the raspberries.  They
are v-e-r-y late maturing, which was a scare. I cut off the spring crop
in order to encourage the fall crop, and I do believe that it worked.
The berries which are now ripe are larger than what we are used to
getting. The big fear is, of course, will it stay warm enough now for
the rest of them to mature...???  My daughter visiting from Chicago 
was in 7th heaven, picking and munching them...  Nice treat!

At this time of year we get the perfect combination to put on the
compost heap:  fresh ample grass clippings, and lots of fallen leaves.
Jimmie has not allowed us to add to the compost all summer because
he wants to rearrange it, hidden back there behind the tall spruce.
We used to get fine compost in that location, but his memory plays him
stricks. So he has agreed to get himself in there and rototill the 
compost 'windrow' so that we may add this good stuff. Trouble is that
he is relaying parts of the underground soaker system (I could KILL
him) and this takes time. So does his new CD burner -- so does
regular maintenance -- and he gets outside to start that work about
3:00pm.  That's not too cool an idea.....

For my part, since the doctors don't want me to garden at all right now,
I am on another track.  I was choosing some Chinese recipes from
my teaching days to send to someone who lives so far from 
restaurant and store access up in Canada, and it has stirred up all
my old adrenalin..  I am in the midst of a giant cooking jamboree,
with some of the kids coming home for Thanksgiving -- only, as you
perhaps remember, my giant 20 cuft freezer has been destroyed,
and I really wonder where I am going to put all these goodies....  

At this point the Chinese chicken wings have marinated long 
enough, so I shall pop them in the broiler and watch them like 
a hawk. To keep me company I have a video of the Australian 
production of La Boheme, done in 1920's style, thoroughly 
modern, yet absolutely authentic. It's fabulous~! 

As they said in Oliver, 'be back soon' ......


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