[gardeners] What a Life

penny x stamm (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 8 Nov 2000 17:21:55 -0500

Ron, a message from a very old pal in W. Los Angeles:

Had real fun on Friday. A neighbor approached me and said she saw 
swarms of bees coming out of one of my big trees. We didn't want to get 
too close but there were hordes flying across the lawn. I called the
for advice and they said not to go near the tree. So they sent out the 
African Bee Control truck with 2 big guys. They went into the yard, 
checked and game back to say that they were not the bees but that we 
had the largest nest of yellow jackets they had ever seen. They covered 
themselves with special overalls, full head covering etc. Then they used 
the blessed duct tape to cover the zipper tabs and everything else and
went to war. Came back with a sack the size of a black garbage bag full 
of the nest and wasps. Undressed, dumped the sack in a vault and said 
to stay out of the yard a few days as there will be foraging wasps coming
home and real mad when they find it gone. Hey, we didn't need any 

Lucky the family next door with two little ones hadn't had one of their 
parties in their back yard. The guys said the wasps would have jumped in 
in droves for the sweets. You know what they are like at a picnic!



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