[gardeners] Winter blues

Shirley,George (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 10 Nov 2000 07:44:29 -0600

It's a typical quasi-winter day in SW Louisiana today. Heavily overcast, what
little sunlight that is making it through is washed out and dreary and it's just
cold enough to wear a light jacket.

When I get in from work about 1 pm I will start moving plants into the
greenhouse just in case. I finally got the automatic fan installed in there
yesterday so it won't get too hot if the sun does come out.

On the plus side the cabbages are heading up, the onions and radishes are
producing well, the green beans are starting to bloom (if we don't get an early
freeze they will produce) and the hyacinth beans are turning pale lavender
meaning we get to eat another batch of them. The chiles are outdoing themselves,
I guess they're afraid of the cold and are trying to produce seeds to continue
the line.

Off to work.